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We will take care of your IT needs so you can take care of everything else.


Customer Oriented

We place our customers’ welfare and satisfaction at the core of all our business decisions. Cynetec management and employees are aligned with a shared aim of helping our customers to meet their long-term business objectives.

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Evolving Capabilities

Our strong technical foothold is the core of our service value. In the ever-evolving world of technology, Cynetec strives to evolve quickly and always prepare ourselves with the latest knowledge and practical capabilities.


Service Excellence

Beyond service consultant and solution provider, Cynetec extend into offering conceptual and practical implementation through our certified IT experts. With our comprehensive and reliable customer supports, Cynetec assure our clients with peace of mind in any critical business environment.


Our Values

We do not just respond to customers only when they need us, we constantly seek ways to improve our customer experience and service quality.

We act with honesty and integrity - our word is our bond.

We meet our commitments and accept responsibilities for all our decisions and actions made, in a most transparent manner.


Cloud Computing



What will be the future of technology in business?

In the next decades, business leaders are expecting a wrenching change to businesses in all industries due to the impacts of technology. Between now and the next 10 years, ever industry will have nowhere to hide from the disrupting yet energising effects of technology change. It will shape how businesses work and those that are unable to keep up with the impacts of these changes may disappear in the marketplace at a glimpse.

The question is - “Is your organization able to adapt quickly and efficiently to the rapid-changing environment by SYNERGISING your business with Information TECHNOLOGY?

In CYNETEC, we unceasingly peer ahead to the forefront of technology, aligned with envisioning our customers’ future IT capacity and demand, then brace ourselves with the required knowledge and expertise in order to constantly providing a sustainable and future-proof IT solutions to our customers.

We want our customers to not just survive, but to thrive with the revolution of technology.

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